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For the first three minutes of One Hour One Life, your survival is entirely dependent on the help of a random stranger, online. A scary thought. You’re a baby, and they’re your mom—your only source of food. They pick you up to feed you, and in the process their own hunger builds. You’re a burden, in other words, and they’re trying to juggle keeping you alive with digging up carrots, picking berries, and fending off wolves. But it’s not just goodwill that motivates them. As creator Jason Rohrer, of The Castle Doctrine, explains to me in our 90-minute playthrough, One Hour One Life is set up to be "inherently collaborative". As the name suggests, you live for at most 60 minutes, which takes you up to 60 years old. In that time you can’t achieve very much. You might be able to start a modest camp and a small farm, but the only way your creation will live on is through your children, who spawn throughout your lifetime. "If I let my … [Read more...] about One Hour One Life gives you 60 minutes to advance civilization and raise children