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D.He demoted former US President Donald Trump’s campaign leader, Brad Parscale, in July, has been arrested by police and taken to a psychiatric hospital. A report by the police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, published on Monday, showed that Parscale’s wife Candice Parscale called the officers on Sunday because she feared her husband would attempt suicide. After the 44-year-old, who was under the influence of alcohol, came out of his house at the request of the police, he was overwhelmed by the emergency services.

The Republican Trump replaced Parscale in mid-July with his deputy, Bill Stepien. Trump announced at the time that Parscale would remain a high-ranking advisor to the election campaign team and responsible for digital strategies. Previously, a controversial election campaign appearance by Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, because of the corona pandemic, had become a debacle because thousands of seats in the hall remained empty.

Police said Parscale loaded a gun and threatened to kill himself in an argument with his wife. According to media reports, the police found four rifles and six pistols or revolvers on his property.

Short pants and beer can: Brad Parscale in a police video before his arrest

Short pants and beer can: Brad Parscale in a police video before his arrest

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In the days before, Parscale is said to have hit his wife. One police officer wrote in his report that he saw bruises on Candice Parscale’s arms, forehead and cheek. The 41-year-old said she was beaten by her husband.

Police footage released on Monday showed Candice Parscale standing in front of her house in a bikini and a towel wrapped around her and telling the officers that her husband was acting “crazy” and had a loaded gun. “I think I heard a shot,” she said.

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The relationship between Trump and his former campaign manager Parscale had been tarnished since the campaign event in Tulsa

Policemen eventually convinced Parscale to leave the house. The ex-campaign manager wore only shorts and had a beer can in his hand. A police officer threw Parscale to the ground shortly afterwards. The 44-year-old repeated several times that he had done nothing. According to the police, he appeared to be drunk.

Trump’s campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh blamed Parscale’s problems after the incident on Sunday, without explaining exactly what he meant by the opposition Democrats and Republicans critical of Trump.