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Falling asleep at your desk?

By Moeena HalimDaytime drowsiness often signals a stressful lifestyle and, in some cases, physical or psychological disorders Ishaani Sawant, who conducts training programmes at adventure parks and companies, began having daytime drowsiness around a...

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The Nasty Surprise of Medical Bills

To the Editor:Re “Who’s Behind Your Outrageous Medical Bills?” (Sunday Review, Feb. 16):Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal correctly explains the reasons surprise medical bills exist. But a majority of physicians have had little to do with negotiating prices.In...

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No more need for medical marijuana bill?

Baby Moon Jaden, a patient with Dravet Syndrome, whose story was posted on the Facebook page of “Moms for Marijuana” (Philippine Chapter) died in September 2013. Her loving parents, Juan and Myca Yutuc, bravely faced media to strongly advocate f...