Cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the heart and the blood vessels

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Yoga aids heart patients: Study

Yoga helps patients recovering from heart attacks return to normal life faster and lowers their risks of hospitalisation and death, according to the world’s largest study on yoga for cardiac rehabilitation conducted in India and released on Sunday.T...

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Heart centre inaugurated in Chembur

Mumbai: The city on Sunday got a hospital that is dedicated to cardiac care and aims to reduce the ‘door to balloon time’ for patients. ‘Door to balloon time’ is the period from the time a person has the first symptoms of a heart attack to the time...

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Rehab yoga beneficial for cardiac patients

Hyderabad: A yoga-based rehabilitation programme was found to be safe and feasible and has significantly improved the quality of life after cardiac surgery, according to a five-year study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Ses...

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Cardiology Clinical Consultant

Job Description Abiomed, an innovative medical device company, is focused on recovering hearts and saving lives. We have a single guiding mission: Patients First. With corporate headquarters in Danvers, Massachusetts, offices in Aachen & Berlin,...

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Cardiac OCT: 20 Years from Bench to Erosion

A 1 hr lecture on intravascular optical coherence tomography by IV-OCT pioneer Dr. IK-Kyung Jang, MD, PhD. Dr. Jang came to Massachusetts General Hospital in 1987 from Leuven University in Belgium, where he has completed his residency in medicine and...