Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with treatment of diseases in the oral cavity.

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Typically, patients do not enjoy going to the dentist’s office. For this reason, people will wait to visit the dentist until they feel some pain or develop a complication from long-term lack of care. All dentists are not “made” the same, however, a...

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Fredericksburg Family Dentistry

Our Fredericksburg family dentistry services at Cos Family Dentistry & Orthodontics are designed to meet the needs of every patient. Whether you’re simply looking for a practice that can provide affordable cleanings & check-ups, o...

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About Us

Dr. Lemperes was born and raised in Bellingham. He graduated from Meridian High School and Western Washington University. He obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Washington School of Dentistry. Dr. Lemperes met h...

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Tooth colored or composite fillings have changed the way we do restorative dentistry. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of having fillings that look just like natural teeth, they have other benefits as well. With composite, we do not have to t...