Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with treatment of diseases in the oral cavity.

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Sleep Apnea : the Dentist

O.P. At the dentist's recently ( not my own dentist, i was waiting for family..) and watching their infotainment animation on TV screen, I noticed a segment indicating that the dentist should be consulted in relation to Apnea ......

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Dr. Harold Tucker

Bennett, Viola — 2 p.m., Waters Funeral Chapel at Summersville.Blackshire, Robert — 7 p.m., Keller Funeral Home, Dunbar.Carez, Aldeth — 2 p.m., Sunset Memorial Funeral Home, Parkersburg.Foster,...

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Sandy Lin, DMD

Dr. Lin prides herself in her gentle, caring and honest treatment of her patients. She builds a rapport with her patients, sincerely taking an interest in them and their families.Education:Dr. Lin earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Bos...

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Can a Tooth with a Root Canal Get Infected?

Many people fear the day that they will be told that they need a root canal, having had a reputation as a painful procedure. But with the latest techniques, root canals do not have to be this way. Although it usually has favorable results, there are...

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26 clinics closed by health commission

PHOTO: REUTERS LAHORE: The Punjab Healthcare Commission has closed down 26 treatment centres ran by quacks in Vehari district. According to a press release issued on Monday, the commission had initiated further proceedings against such busin...