Emergency medicine  focuses on care provided in the emergency department.

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eBook Medical Emergency download | online

Name: Medical EmergencyDownloads today: 406Total Downloads: 12406Format: ebook | djvu | pdf | audioscore : 7.3/10 - (34 votes)Emergency Medical Training Services (EMTS) is an approved Texas Department of State Health Services (TxDSHS) Emergency Medi...

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Free Book Oap For Emergency Medicine

Oap For Emergency Medicine PDF Book Triple Option Physician Directory | Triple OptionPlease use this Provider Directory to search for and find primary care providers and specialists who qualify as Level 1 in the LifeBridge Health Plan available to ....

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What Hath Emergency Medicine Wrought?

gfhjkm123 / Pixabay It seems that all day, every day I care for patients who simply won’t take care of themselves.  And I sometimes think that we in emergency medicine have caused more harm than we expected. Now let me first say, I also ta...