First aid – assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery.

Category : First aid

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Slum residents are not ignorant

10 0 10shares People living in slum areas are lagging behind in many respects. They are deprived from many amenities of life such as proper education, health care services, power supply, water, and other basic needs. In those places,...

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Mental Health First Aid

Mapado: All your activities,from the most populars to the most confidentials (concert, spectacles, expositions, conferences, outdoor, sports event, municipal events, etc..), wherever you are....

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Overview on drug allergy

A drug allergy is a serious physical reaction to a certain medication. There are various forms of allergic reactions to medications including immediate and delayed hypersensitivity reactions.[embedded content]Immediate reaction or anaphylaxis – this...

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Will this man destroy South Side Sox?

So, we’re getting a longtime sportswriter—more than a decade on the Chicago White Sox alone, I’m told—to take over for Jim Margalus as managing editor of South Side Sox.Margalus is a big loss, no matter how you dice it. Ballantini himself said it tim...

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Mental Health First Aid Course

Sometimes first aid isn't a bandage or CPR. Sometimes, first aid is you. Someone you know could be experiencing a mental health or substance use problem. Learn an action plan to help.You are more likely to encounter someone in an emotional or mental...