Geriatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the general health and well-being of the elderly.

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Edison graduates told to overcome obstacles

EDISON SPEAKER— Dr. Sara Snyder Graham, a 1998 graduate of Edison High School, encouraged the school’s Class of 2018 to face challenges and overcome obstacles while pursuing their dreams. STEUBENVILLE — As keynote speaker for Edison High School’s 20...

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Jameson-Janella tandem buzzes with youthful brio

Jameson Blake (left) and Janella Salvador make an affable pair in “So Connected” It’s hard to take your eyes off “So Connected,” Jason Paul Laxamana’s quirkily out-of-the-box rom-com, for much of its running time because, unlike “My Fairy Tail Love...

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Retire the Rajakiya Bhavans

Governor, the word has a grand ring to it. And why not? After all, a Governor lives in a grand manor, dines in grand manner, travels in a grand private jet and graces only grand occasions. No wonder only grand-fathers and grand-mothers become Gover...

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The religion of mediocrity and greed

Reality BytesIn Nigeria we think capacity and competency only when consulting doctors, hiring pilots and even cooks but will risk it all in throwing our support for expired recycled political leaders, who have failed us once before and they never dis...