Infectious disease is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of infectious disease, especially for complex cases and immunocompromised patients.

Category : Infectious disease

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Fluorescence could help diagnose sick corals

Sickness makes some corals lose their glow.Disease reduces a coral’s overall fluorescence even before any sign of the infection is visible to the naked eye, a new study finds. An imaging technique that illuminates the change could help with efforts t...

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India: Health of the Nation's States

A recent report, has brought out the diversity within India, as regards challenges to health. The report titled “India: Health of the nation’s states” is based on a study on disease patterns in India and compares the situation in 1990 and 2016. The s...

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AIDS - BioSystems Result

Select item 5066181.tongue morphogenesisThe process in which the anatomical structures of the tongue are generated and organized. The tongue is the movable, muscular organ on the floor of the mouth of most...

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Worker Health: A Worthwhile Investment

In 113 developing countries, agriculture is 3/4 less productive than other sectors. One reason: neglecting the health of workers, especially in humid areas favored by disease vectors, concludes new research led by Andrew Dillon at Michigan State Univ...