Infectious disease is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and management of infectious disease, especially for complex cases and immunocompromised patients.

Category : Infectious disease

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Susan T. Ignatius, MD

*In the spirit of keeping you well-informed, the individuals identified are neither agents nor employees of Northwestern Medicine or any of its affiliate organizations. These physicians have selected our facilities as the...

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KUCHING, SARAWAK, 19 January 2018 - Infectious diseases such as TB, Rabies and Leptospirosis, which the country has succeeded in curbing in the past, are making a comeback and the Malaysian health authorities are concerned about this matter. Acco...

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Primary care infectious diseases

Infectious disease is a frontline research domain of the University of Antwerp. Successful collaboration with other groups in the University Antwerp with large European funding have been set up. Primary care infectious diseases includes respiratory...

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The flu explained by a doctor

BUFFALO, N.Y. — By now you've likely heard — or maybe experienced — that it's a bad flu season.Cases of influenza are on the rise and the flu season itself looks to be peaking early as a result, raising the annual question: Does the fl...