Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders.

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Mum fights gender experiment

London’s beleaguered Tavistock youth gender clinic faces litigation aimed at protecting a 15-year-old autistic girl from puberty-blocker drugs with unknown long-term risks.The anonymous mother of the girl, said to be suffering “gender confusion”, has...

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Brain Scans May Predict Suicide Risk

New research has identified brain circuitry differences that might be associated with suicidal behavior in individuals with mood disorders.The study provides a promising lead toward tools that can predict which individuals are at the highest risk for...

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Was the Human Genome Project a dud?

The Human Genome Project, launched in 1990 and completed in 2003, was hailed as a scientific Second Coming. It was said that the sequencing of the genome would enable us to identify faulty genes underlying most human diseases and then develop drugs t...