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Stop Using Ice

➕ Subscribe ➕ Sub ✔ Subscribed ✔ Sub'd Share Stop Using Ice!!! Buy a FrioHydration Unit that will hold ice for days and then STOP USING ICE and be done…Actually, this is about using Ice as a treatment option for injuries.In his book, Ic...

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Arthroscopic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Arthroscopy is a key hole surgery of the joint.The patient is administered suitable anaesthesia like S.A.,E.A., for knee and hip scopy and G.A. for shoulder scopy after which, a small telescope is introduced into the joint to be examined. A camera at...

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Boogie Cousins

MGoBlog's channel featuring the very professional, very visual, podcast with Brian Cook, Seth Fisher, Ace Anbender, and David Nasternack, plus The Teams history podcast with Seth and Dr. Sap, The Ace Pod, The Michigan Hockeycast, the MGoBlog Roundta...