Surgery is a branch of medicine that uses operative techniques to investigate or treat both disease and injury, or to help improve bodily function or appearance.

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Breast cancer surgery without scars

Karen Dandurant @kdandurant EXETER While many breast cancers are treatable, surgery can leave the patient with a lifelong reminder.The two types of breast cancer surgery, lumpectomy, which inc...

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"Rules to follow" post surgery

For example in my case, I'm 6 weeks post op from ACDF surgery. What rules should I still be following even if I feel i am getting bette and stronger. Is there still major no-no's? What about those that are post o...

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Observer editorial

Since June last year, Brexit has dominated the government’s agenda, absorbed the bulk of ministers’ energy and been the focus of civil servants in Whitehall. This state of affairs will continue for at least the next few years. Yet from the welfare s...