'Early detection of breast cancer can help in curing' .




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Dr Rakhi Gajbhiye

Staff Reporter :

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer amongst women in India. One in twenty-eight women is likely to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. In India breast cancer which predominantly affects women above 50, is striking young women. The high risk factors include family history, genetic factor, late child bearing, lack of breast feeding, prolonged use of hormones, stress. Dr Rakhi Gajbhiye, noted gynaecologist said, “Due to lack of awareness, the patients are diagnosed in advanced stage lowering the survival rate.

Being aware about symptoms of breast cancer, looking out for them regularly and reporting them in time to a doctor is the single-most important factor responsible for better survival of patients. Thus awareness and screening plays a crucial role and is incredibly important for early detection as early detection increases survival rate by 95%. There are various screening tools like mammography, clinical breast exam and self breast examination.” “Self breast examination should be done by each women starting from the age of 18 years. It should be done once a month after the menses. It involves standing in front of the mirror and inspecting the breast. Note for any asymmetry, colour change, any lump, etc.

After that palpate the breast with pulp of finger and feel for any lump. The advantages of BSE are that the women becomes used to the normal look and feel of the breast and hence can notice any slightest change early and can report it to the doctor,” pointed out Dr Gajbhiye. Other screening methods include clinical examination by doctors at regular intervals and annual mammogram from the age of 35-40 years, added Dr Gajbhiye.

Dr Rakhi Gajbhiye, Consultant Gynaecologist at Mauli Hospital is been taking series of awareness programmes on various days in association with various organisations namely : Nagpur District Chemists and Druggist Association, (NDCDA) Ladies wing; PANATI group of NGO, Gadchiroli; Indian Women Scientist Association (IWSA ); Sindhu College teachers, Medical representatives, Pharma Women; Taywade Group of Institutions; LAD and Smt R P College for Women; JCI Nagpur Pharma.