Gillian Chung does second surgery following accident .




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Twins singer Gillian Chung’s condition has turned out to be more serious than initially thought. The 39-year-old actress-singer had to undergo a second surgery following her accident this week. On Monday (September 7) she was admitted to the hospital in Xiamen, China earlier in the morning after an accident. Hong Kong media reported that the one half of Cantopop duo Twins suffered a severe head injury at approximately 2am at the hotel she was staying in.

Gillian woke up on Monday morning feeling giddy. She accidentally hit her head on a countertop at the bathroom and took a hard fall. Gillian’s manager, Mani Fok told Hong Kong daily Ming Pao that Gillian received 66 stitches after suffering from the incident that left her with a 6cm gash on her right forehead. The plastic surgeon that was in charge of her second surgery was recommended by actor Simon Yam. The actress-singer and her team are hoping that the second surgery will reduce the chances of Gillian having a scar.

Simon Yam recommended the plastic surgeon to Gillian Chung. Picture:Instagram

“Her condition is stable and is now resting at a hotel. She will temporarily stop work and would need to refrain from eating certain food to avoid getting the wound infected,” the manager was quoted as saying. We hope that she will recover soon so that she can complete filming her Chinese drama in Xiamen.

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Gillian Chung has made a comeback after taking a break from working since her divorce went public in May, according to Sin Chew Daily. The singer-actress started becoming more active on social media again and was selling goods via live stream since the middle of July. The star was seen at an outdoor business event in a white dress and denim jacket last Friday in a clip posted on social media.

Netizens pointed out that Chung had an awkward smile and they think that she may be feeling upset. Chung and cosmetologist Dr Michael Lai signed their divorce papers in March. The cosmetologist told the media over a call that he did not love her anymore. Dr Lai said that Chung told him that she had regretted marrying him not long after their wedding in 2018. The Twins singer repeatedly asked him for a divorce.

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