Group to Explore Intersection of Neuroethics and Theological Studies .




Images of Group Members Smith, McCarty, Curlin, Eastman and KinghornWhat can theological studies contribute to neuroethics, and vice versa? How can the engagement of theological studies with neuroethics best be facilitated? How can further interdisciplinary collaboration at Duke shape such dialogue?

A small interdisciplinary group of Duke University researchers, including Duke Psychiatry's Warren Kinghorn, recently received a grant from Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke to explore these questions. This grant will help them launch an initiative to foster and expand the work of an emerging international cohort of scholars working at the intersection of theological studies and neuroethics.

The group members include:

  • Co-lead: Patrick Smith, Divinity School
  • Co-lead: Brett McCarty, Divinity School; School of Medicine
  • Farr Curlin, Divinity School; School of Medicine
  • Susan Eastman, Divinity School
  • Warren Kinghorn, Divinity School; School of Medicine

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