Meet this 31-year-old dentist from Allahabad, he owns a unique dental lounge here . .

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Meet this 31-year-old dentist from Allahabad, he owns a unique dental lounge here .

Summary: We can bet you haven’t visited a dental clinic like the Allahabad Dental Lounge before. This doctor is changing lives by working on a patient’s anxiety! Read about this young Doctor from Allahabad. BY: Saumya Mishra

What is the first thought you get when you have to visit a dentist? Most of the people are afraid of dentists as visiting them is never a walk in the garden. It’s a painful deal and we all simply hate dentist day! Isn’t it? But what if your dentist resonates with your fears and helps you counter the anxiety when you enter his clinic? Sounds good? Well this is exactly what you get when you visit Dr Prateek Pandey’s Advanced Dental Lounge situated in Allahabad’s Civil lines area.

Dr. Pandey is a dental surgeon and a cosmetic smile design specialist. He is a St. Joseph’s college Allahabad passout and completed his dental studies from a college in Uttarakhand. The Advanced Dental Lounge is his second clinic in the city; the first one is at Bairana, which is a regular dental clinic.

In an exclusive conversation with NYOOOZ Allahabad, Dr. Pandey told us the reason behind using a word like ‘lounge’ for naming a dental clinic. He said, “Once a foreigner visited my Bairana clinic and said that Indian doctors are good but the clinics are not so great. It was then that I decided to open a clinic like never before. And hence the word lounge came to work. Lounge means a place to relax and Advanced Dental lounge is exactly one.”

Dr. Prateek has practiced for two years in Bengaluru and Delhi, after which he decided to return back home and offer quality dentistry to Allahabad. He said, “Being from a middle class family of a banker i had no medical background or platform or patients following here. All I had was a vision to bring the world`s best dental services in Allahabad”.

With that aim, Dr Pandey said, “ I started Advanced Multi-speciality Dental Centre in Baihrana. For the next 4 years I gave quality treatments. Built a platform and a following. Patients from atleast 200-300kms followed us for best dental treatments. Finally I was able to make my dream come true of one of the best dental setups in India in Feb 2017 with Advanced Dental lounge.”

Some of the specialties of Dr. Prateek’s masterpiece can be counted as free wi-fi for patients, a Bluetooth-connecting music systems for relaxation purposes, tea and coffee machine along with a team of specialists all under one roof.

Dr Prateek claimed, “India’s Top 5 Dental Specialists are here at one place”
1)Endodontist -Dr Rajni Shukla
2)Dental Surgeon & Smile Design Cosmetic Specialist - Dr Prateek Pandey
3) Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon -Dr Ashutosh shukla
4) Implantologist -Dr Gupta
5)Orthodontist- Dr Ajeet

He also has the best Root canal treatment (RCT) Machine, India`s First Digital Wireless Xray System, 100% absolute painless injections, DSD (Digital smile Designing) to give you a perfect celebrity smile, 100% Sterilisation with Ultrasonic cleaners and B type autoclaves and PrF Machine to make bone from your blood along with a lot more.

Dr. Prateek’s aim is not to only cater to the patients in Allahabad but create an experience for patients all over the country. He also said that he gets patients from the national capital. He wants the people of Allahabad to be more aware of dental problems. Taking out fear of dental problems along with creating a memorable dental clinic experience is what Dr. Prateek Pandey is striving for.

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