Scott Norris, MD .

Barnes-Jewish Hospital/Washington University, St. Louis



Scott Norris
  • Neurology
  • Adult Neurology

Sees Patients For

Parkinson's disease and parkinsonism, dystonia (including laryngeal dystonia, a.k.a spasmodic dysphonia), essential tremor, and other movement disorders; botulinum toxin injections for patients with dystonia, salivary disorders, and children with cerebral palsy; deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery for Parkinson's disease, tremor, and dystonia

Patients Seen At

  • Click for directions to Barnes-Jewish Hospital McMillan BuildingBarnes-Jewish Hospital McMillan Building517 S. Euclid AvenueSt. Louis, MO 63110Fax: (314) 747-3258Appointments:
  • Click for directions to Center for Advanced Medicine Neuroscience CenterCenter for Advanced Medicine Neuroscience Center4921 Parkview PlaceSt. Louis, MO 63110Suite: CFloor: 6Fax: (314) 747-3258Appointments:

Hospital Affiliations

  • Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Board Certifications

Academic Title(s)

Assistant Professor, Neurology




2014 Movement Disorders, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri


2000 Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Medical Degree

2008 University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri


2012 Neurology, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri

Research Interests

Pathophysiology of dystonia and Parkinson's disease and the mechanisms of deep brain stimulation; use of functional connectivity MRI as a non-invasive biomarker of disease

Publications & Research

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