WATCH: Vegan Gastroenterologist Explains the Link Between Pandemics and Meat .




Check it out! Dr. Angie Sadeghi is a vegan gastroenterologist who founded the Institute of Plant-Based Medicine. In a new video with PETA, she’s letting folks know about the link between global pandemics—such as COVID-19—and the dangerous practice of eating animals.

In the video, Dr. Sadeghi explains that pandemics will continue to be a risk as long as people continue to eat animals. She points out that 75% of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic in origin, meaning that they originate in other animals. She mentions that bird flu, Spanish flu, and other diseases that ravaged humans came from eating animals.

Other Health Risks From Eating Animals

Eating vegan doesn’t only help prevent potential pandemics. Dr. Sadeghi also lets viewers know that consuming meat, dairy, and eggs can lead to many common killers, including heart disease and multiple types of cancer.

As a physician and mother, Dr. Sadeghi believes that the most effective way to stop pandemics from occurring over and over again is for everyone to follow a healthy vegan lifestyle.

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You Can Go Vegan—and PETA Will Help

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