Sex is something that makes romantic relationship sparkle, adds zest to life, delights majority of people and imbues one with the passion to live.

However, unfortunately some people associate sex with pain, embarrassment, low self-esteem and a FEELING OF LOSS.

Now you must be wondering that who are these ill-fated ones?

YES……..they are the guys who have been facing the MOST DISASTROUS sexual disorder that is “Impotence or Erectile dysfunction”. According to the recent research, around 150 million men experience impotency problems around the globe. However, only 10% go ahead and seek treatment……………….Isn’t ALARMING!!

Seeking erectile dysfunction remedies is a sensible issue not a shameful one!!

Erectile Dysfunction – The Basic Facts

Erectile dysfunction, also called ED or impotence, is a sexual condition that impacts an estimated 1 in 10 men.

Men that suffer from ED are unable to get or maintain an erection, leaving them incapable of partaking in sexual intercourse.

An erection occurs when blood enters and is retained within sponge-like bodies in the penis. This increase in blood flow causes the penis to elongate, swell and harden, make penetration and eventual ejaculation possible.

In an impotent male, the blood fails to properly engorge these cells and the penis remains flaccid, regardless of sexual stimulation or arousal.

Research indicates that some 30 million American men, or about ten percent of the male population, are affected by erectile dysfunction.

Most men experience at least one instance at some point in their lives, usually by age forty. Individual occurrences rarely affect a man or his partner psychologically.

Other men experience chronic, complete erectile dysfunction, or male impotence, which can lead to emotional, relationship and self-esteem problems.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are many and varied. The most common cause is psychological or relational problems.

  • In these cases there is no underlying physical cause that is preventing a man from having an erection, instead the reason has to do with thoughts or feelings that the man may not even realize that he is having.
  • Psychological impotence is most often treatable through counseling and is often easily detected through the use of placebo treatment.
  • If a patient responds to a placebo treatment, then a clinician can determine that he still can have an erection and that the underlying cause is psychological.
  • Some other common causes of erectile dysfunction: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems, lack of testosterone (called hypogonadism) or drug side effects.
  • In order to determine what the underlying cause might be, a doctor would need to determine if the patient gets erections while asleep. If they do, this would indicate that there is no physical cause and that the ED is psychological in nature.
  • If the patient is able to get an erection but it is not strong or long lasting enough to have intercourse, then there is an underlying physical abnormality which may be cardiac in nature.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment:

Regardless of the cause, erectile dysfunction is a common health concern in sexually active men.

Once thought to be restricted to only older men who are entering or in middle age, it is now understood that any man may be impacted by this condition.

There has long been a social stigma attached to impotence, which has led men to suffer in silence. As with any medical condition, if you suspect that you have erectile dysfunction you should consult a physician, as it may be a symptom of a larger underlying condition. Even if it is not, there is no reason to suffer in silence.

There are many, very reliable and successful treatments available on the market today. One of the most successful treatment is by using erectile dysfunction pills.

Below are the Top 5 Best Rated Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Pills on The Market 2022:

#1. Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus is the most elite penile enhancement pills for curbing Erectile Dysfunction. It does this by promoting sufficient blood flow to erogenous areas in your body.

It is also a popular testosterone booster that bolsters libido and other sexual-related benefits.

This herbal pill contains 9 ingredients which have high adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. The potencies at which these ingredients are utilized is remarkable.

Erectile Dysfunction is more of a physical problem caused by insufficient blood supply in the penile tissues.

With an effective and safe penile enhancement pill such as Vigrx Plus, ED becomes a thing of the past and more importantly, one enjoys more sexual pleasure by being able to get and maintain hard rock erections.

Vigrx Plus contains ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba and Hawthorn Berries which promotes blood circulation in the pelvic region facilitating sufficient blood supply in the penis.

To promote smooth blood flow, Vigrx Plus is rich in nitric acid that enhances vasodilatation of blood vessels. Besides, it is highly effective in unblocking blocked blood vessels.

#2. Max Performer

Max Performer is an Erectile Dysfunction (ED) pill that has gone beyond FDA’s criteria requirement for quality in its effectiveness in curbing ED and other sexual related afflictions.

The manufacturer of this product keeps on upgrading their ingredients as per the most recent scientific study.

It contains ingredients such as L-ARGININE HCL. This is an amino acid easily convertible to nitric oxide that burns excess fats on the blood vessels. Excess fats acts as blocks that hinders smooth blood circulation.

Max Performer also contains other natural ingredients which have been used over the years in enhancing sexual health in various traditional medicines.

There are numerous positive reviews from users of this product. However, most customers claim that this ED works best in promoting strong erections when taken a few hours before sex.

#3. ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus is a unique sexual enhancement pill tailor made to help men last longer in bed. It is based on Ayurvedic medicine but also blended with modern science to help you take your partner to cloud nine.

It is uniquely designed to help you be able to maintain strong erection during sex for long. Men tends to be aroused sexually faster than women but they also lose themselves by ejaculating faster.

Women are slow to be aroused but they are also slow to be satisfied. Don’t be fooled to think that by offering having sex with your woman for just 15-20 mins that she is satisfied.

Women want a man who is capable of lasting for 45 minutes and above in bed. With the ingredients in ProSolution Plus, you are guaranteed of maximum results by being able to give your woman multiple orgasm and you can both enjoy sexual gratification.

#4. VigFX

VigFx is one of the effective natural male enhancement pills. It has a diverse formula combination for improving erectile functionality.

Essentially, it designed for increasing libido, curbing erectile dysfunction and improving general sexual pleasure. Its a supplement that guarantees you best results after just a few weeks of supplementation.

For maximum pleasure, it is best to take VigFx few hours just before having sex. The pill totally relaxes your erectile tissues. Thereof, facilitates smooth blood flow in your pelvic region. As a result you are able to get and maintain hard rock erection.

More so, you are able to spend ample time stimulating your partner. When you finally penetrate your partner, you experience delayed ejaculation. This increases your ability to give your partner multiple orgasms.

Most of the ingredients contained in VigFx known for their widespread use in most traditional medicine societies. They believed to increase sexual stamina and libido. Besides, these ingredients backed up with modern scientific findings on their safety and effectiveness in enhancing sexual health. Facts don’t lie!

#5. Extenze Male Enhancement

Extenze Male Enhancement pill is another great natural male enhancement pills for strong erections and lasting long in bed.

Unlike other pills, it’s not a daily pill but rather a pill which should be taken a few hours just before sex. It loaded with strong ingredients which make it to work very fast in stimulating sexual desires.

If you often suffer from high blood pressure, its recommendable to seek medical advice before taking this pill.

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