Do the best penis extenders really help you to increase your penis size?

They do and they have no side effects. The penis is a muscle so if it is stretched, it can “break” and develop microscopic tears that are filled with new tissue. 

It works in the same way that building biceps, triceps and other muscles in the gym works.

You have to break the existing muscles to encourage the growth of new tissue. This new tissue increases the length and girth.

According to the National Health Service of the UK, using Penis extenders for at least 6 months can increase its size by 2CM.

This is a non-invasive procedure, so your dick will not have to go under the knife. You do not need to swallow pills. Depending on how well you choose your penile traction device, you can wear it as you engage in your daily activities.

How Does a Penis Extender Work?

A penis extender is an external device that you wear on your penile member. It works by the traction method, where it applies gentle force on the muscle, forcing the tissue to break so that new tissue can grow and occupy the gaps left.

These breaks in the tissue are very minute, so you will never experience any bruising or pain. However, it is vital that you do not apply more traction force than necessary.

The penile extenders work by increasing the size of the flaccid penis. According to the Science Daily, men who wear the penis extender daily for 6 months can record an increase of up to 32 percent on their flaccid penis length.

You cannot wear the penile extender every hour of the day and night. Thus, if you are going to work with it, you can remove it in the evening when you get home to let your penile member relax.

Besides, if you just stretch the muscles, they will have no time to recover and build new tissue. 

Extreme or extended stretching might cause serious bruises in your muscles. It can also cause swelling. 

If you experience such, you should adjust the force you are applying on the muscle, or stop using the traction device for some time.

Every penile extender comes with its instructions for use. Usually, it will have a base ring that you wear close to the base of the penis, very close to the balls.

There is the penis head (a suction bell) or a glans strap that holds the penis head in place. There are two pillars or rods, one on each side of the penis. You can adjust the height of the two pillars depending on how much you want your penis to grow.

Most people ask: when should I start seeing results from wearing the penis extender? It will take at least two months. Even then, you should continue to wear the device for bigger results, for at least 6 months.

Best Penis Extender Reviews

There are tens of penis extenders in the market and each manufacturer claims that theirs is the best. Choosing one can be a bit daunting when faced with so many choices. 

Here, we bring you 7 of the best penis extenders reviews to help you get good value for money and a larger member. 

By the way, some extenders can also correct Peyronie’s Disease, albeit slightly. 

1. Quick Extender Pro Penile Growth Device

The Penis Extender Pro is not only an affordable penile extender option, but it is also comfortable, which makes it possible to wear for longer hours.


This extender offers greater tension than most of its counterparts in the market with up to 4000g of tension strength. 

Because of its design and construction, it is also capable of correcting Peyronie’s curvature or other penile abnormality.

This is a double strap extender, which is so comfortable on your skin. Besides, it is made with high quality hypoallergenic material so that even people with sensitive skin can wear it.

Because of the high level of comfort that you can enjoy from this device, you can wear it longer. You can get better results faster. While this is a strong extender, it is also light, so you will get used to the weight soon.

Most people wonder whether they can wear this extender under their clothes and go to work. The answer is yes. Of course, you will have to start wearing somewhat baggy clothes to keep it discreet. This is a small price to pay for the gains you will get.

You can get the Penis Extender Pro in four packages. The first one and the most affordable is the Deluxe Standard, which has tension strength of 3500g, comfort pads, extra tubes and lifetime warranty. 

Other packages are Deluxe Limited, Lite and Curvature Peyronie’s package.

It can correct mild curvatureA bit bulky so you need baggy clothing
It is easy to use 
Available in different packages 
Has high tension strength 

How to use

Because of the double strap design, this penis extender stays in place as you go through your daily activities.

The end of the device where the penis head goes is a double strap system. It holds the penis head in place securely.

The base of the Quick Extender Pro holds the base of the penis near the balls securely. You can then adjust the rod size to apply enough traction so the penis can grow. It will do this by a process called mitosis where cells divide to multiply.

It is recommended that you wear this for at least 4 hours a day for the best results. As new cells grow, your penile size starts to increase.

Listen to your body to adjust the tension correctly. If you do it right, there should be no bruising, swelling or any other side effect.

Where to buy

You can buy the Quick Extender Pro from the official website. There are four packages. 

The Value Edition is the cheapest at $119. There is also the that costs $180 while the Deluxe Limited Edition costs $350. 

We recommend that you buy the Deluxe Standard Package, which costs $180. 

It comes with a lifetime warranty on the different parts and it is 100 percent maintenance-free.  You also get a six-month money back guarantee, if you do not like it.

2. Pro Extender Penis Traction Device

On the Pro Extender website, they say urologists and plastic surgeons recommend this product. This is no surprise because penile extenders are non-invasive and they encourage growth by a process called mitosis. Thus, their work has good science backing.

Pro Extender Features

This no-risk penis extender is FDA-approved. You can use it with confidence in mind, knowing that it poses no risks to your penile health.

The metal parts of this extender are made using surgical grade steel, which contributes to the minimal weight of the device. The high quality materials used are good for all skin types.

You can adjust the tension of the belts accordingly until you only experience the right amount of force. Remember, without this force, the mitosis process is not going to take place, which also means that your muscles will not grow.

The double strap system also holds the penis in place so that it does not slip out when you jump, walk or engage in another activity. You can increase the force of this device minimally, but the maximum tension strength is 4000g.

Besides, you can also balance the amount of tension that you apply on both belts. That way, the penis grows proportionally, in a balanced way.

Medical grade material so there are no side effectsIt takes time to work, so you should use it for at least six months
Has a six-month money back guaranteeFeels a bit bulky in the first days until you get used to it
You can walk, bend and even jump comfortably when wearing it 
Good customer support available via email 

How it works

You will notice the double strap system on the head end of the device. This is strong and it holds firmly to the penis so that when you apply tension strength, the cells in the penis shaft will start to split and duplicate.

That is what contributes to the growth of the penis size. There will be microscopic tears of the penile tissues, so minute such that you will not experience any pain. The body then has to produce more cells to grow new tissue.

Follow the instructions in the user manual, but the most important thing is to balance the tension on the belt straps so that you can deploy an equal amount of tension strength on both sides.

The Pro Extender may also correct mild curvatures.

Where to buy

You can buy the Pro Extender from the official website and it will be packed and delivered discreetly. No one has to know you are growing something. It is available in three packages with the Basic Package being the cheapest at $149.

The Deluxe Package costs $229 but it comes with extras such as a bottle of Erectin and another of Semenax.

Lastly, there is the gigantic Ultimate Package that costs $497 and it contains the Pro Extender, a bottle of Erectin and Semenax (for boosting erections and semen production naturally, respectively), lifetime membership of Pro Extender, one on one coaching with Aj Alfaro and free shipping.

3. Jes-Extender

When looking for penis extender reviews, you will never miss the Jes Extender among the top products. Looking at its features, you will see why it is so popular.


On their website, they say that physicians in more than 29 countries in the world recommend the Jes Extender. 

It works by encouraging the process of mitosis to take place in the penile tissue, thus encouraging more tissue growth that increases the girth and length of the penis.

Danish engineers have done a good job designing this penile traction apparatus. They use medical-grade steel and other materials to keep it light in weight and good for all skin types.

The most outstanding feature in this device is the adjustable rods. You can adjust them depending on the tension strength level that you want.

You can start with 1200g, 2000g and eventually get to 2800g of strength. The manufacturer says that it can help you increase your penis size by 2 to 10 inches.

Depending on your budget, you can choose between the basic and the luxurious models. There are five models. The first one is the Jes Extender Original made for men with average penile sizes. It will increase the length and girth of your phallus.

The Light Package is light in weight and it is recommended for beginners. It is best for men that are active on their feet.

The Silver Package offers extra traction and comes with silver-plated accessories. It also comes with comfort pads and it can work for all penis sizes.

The Jes Extender Gold Package is a luxurious package because it comes with many accessories. It also offers exclusive results.

Jes Extender Platinum has four bars (elongation) and tension strength of up to 1200g. It is best for different types of penises.

Lastly, there is the Titanium Jes Extender Package that comes with comfort straps, protection pad, 0.5-inch extending bars, DVD and a high quality aluminum case.

Available in different packages for all budgetsCostlier than most other brands
Corrects penis curvature 
Really works – results in as little as two weeks 
Comfortable to wear through all of your daily activities 

How to use it

Depending on the package that you buy, there is minimal assemblage required, which should take a few seconds. You then insert your penis in the Jes Extender and adjust the tension levels. 

The key thing is to apply the right tension levels, meaning that you should feel some stress on the penis. That is the only way that you are going to help the penis tissue to develop microscopic tears.

Where to buy

With any successful product, there are many counterfeits in the market. Thus, you should only buy the Jes Extender device from the official website. Don’t worry, it will be packaged and delivered discreetly.

On the Jes Extender website, there is a section for “shop products.” They list the different packages of this extender but they do not quote the prices. They also list the payment methods that they accept. 

4. Male Edge Penile Extender

Male Edge is one of the few penis extenders in the market that are FDA-approved. Besides that, it is also clinically tested and proven. 

If you want to increase your penis size to enjoy better moments between the sheets with your partner, you can try this extender. 

Male Edge features

Most men are awed by the simple design of this device. It has the base ring that goes to the base of your penis and then there are two traction rods on the sides. It does not come with a double strap system for the penis head, but the single strap is equally effective.

When you slip the extender of the penis, you can then adjust the tension rods equally until you feel that there is a force weighing down on the member. You need to force microscopic tears in the penis so that when the body starts to grow new cells, the penile size starts to increase.

Made by DanaMedia, a Danish company, it comes with high quality, medical-grade material. The metal and other parts are made of hypoallergenic material so there is no risk of skin reactions. 

Besides, this is a maintenance-free device. Just buy it and use as instructed.

Available in three packages to meet different budgetsCosts more than most other extenders
Comes with a warranty of 12 monthsTakes time to grow your penis
Good to use on all penis sizes 
Control your phallus growth by adjusting tension strength to suit your needs 

How to Use

This product comes assembled and ready for use. Slide your penis inside until the base ring of the extender goes to the base of your penis. 

You can then fasten the rubber strap that is on the head end of the penis, on the foreskin. Extend or shorten the rods running on the penis side by rotating them in the clockwise direction and then pulling them downwards gently. When the rods height is the size you want, secure the headpiece to the rods slowly until you hear a click. Secure the head strap too onto the rods.

Where to buy

You should buy the MaleEdge penis extender on the official website only to avoid counterfeits. The MaleEdge Basic package comes with the enlarger, travel bag, ruler, brochure and two bonus rubber straps. It will cost you $149.

The MaleEdge Extra package has all the things you find in the basic package, but it has a protection pad and instead of two rubber straps, it comes with three. It costs $179.

Finally, there is the MaleEdge Pro package that contains the items in the basic package but it comes with 5 rubber straps, 2 protection pads and 1 cohesive gauze to protect the foreskin. It costs $199. 

5. Size Genetics for Fast Penile Growth

Before people buy this product, they are all over the web looking for information on the SizeGenetics before and after. 

You just want to know whether it works on all penis sizes, how long it takes to work and how to use it. But first … its features.


This product is FDA-approved, so you can use it with confidence since it is practically risk-free. It is classified as a medical device so you can use it safely for a long time.

This extender can give up to 2800g of tension strength. This is what stretches the penis muscle until painless, microscopic tears develop.

In the package, you will also find 1 and 2-inch elongation bars to accommodate different elongation needs. It also comes with comfort features such as pads. The MDA headscarf keeps the head of the penis in position and keeps you comfortable for the entire time that you will be wearing it.

Some of the other features that we can mention include the Revita Cream that is a good moisturizer for the skin. It will also soothe the skin after many hours of stressing it with the tension strength device.

If you have a curvature and you think that is making your dick size smaller, you might want to get the Size Genetics package that includes Peyronie’s correction mechanism. It will not correct the entire curvature, but it will help.

It is certified safe and pretty risk-freeYou can only buy it on the official website with confidence
Comes assembled so you just need to wear itFeels bulky on the first days of wearing it
You can see results in as little as two months 
Not too bulky so you can wear it as you engage in daily activities 

How to use Size Genetics

Using the Size Genetics penis extender is so simple. It comes assembled, so you do not need any expertise to wear it and get results.

Just slide your phallus inside the device and secure it on the head. You can then adjust the tension rods on the side to the right force. After that, you are done. Just ensure that you wear it for at least 6 hours a day.

Be persistent and wear it for at least six months to see good results. Ensure that you feel the tension that the penis extender is exerting on your penis, but there should be no pain.

Where to buy Size Genetics

Order from the official website of Size Genetics where you will find different packages. The Value Edition costs $200, the Comfort Package costs $250, the Ultimate System $300 and the Peyronie’s System costs $300.

It comes with a money back guarantee too. The company says that if you use it as advised and it fails to enlarge your penis, they will refund the purchase price.

6. Phallosan Forte Penile Extender

Phallosan Forte is a penis extender device that is non-invasive, easy to use and it has no side effects. 

Made in Germany to the highest standards, this device has also passed clinical trials so there is no risk when using it. It can be used on all penis sizes.

Phallosan Forte Features

You will notice that this penis extender is different from the others in the market. It is designed with a suction bell that goes onto the head of the penis. This is more comfortable than the regular nooses that other extenders come with.

Instead of tension rods at the sides, this extender comes with an elastic belt that you have to adjust around your waist. It is then attached to the suction ball using an adapter. 

You can adjust the belt size through the buckle and increase tension to compel the penis muscles to stretch and develop microscopic tears. The body then develops new tissue, which contributes to growth.

The extender is built with high quality metal, plastic and other parts. These are medical-grade and hypoallergenic, so they cannot react with the skin.  

There is also a tension clip with a spring. You can increase or decrease the tension but remember, you need to feel uncomfortable to see some growth. The tension spring attachment also helps you to know whether you are applying the right traction force.

The suction bell for the penis head comes in small, medium and large sizes. Measure the size of your dick when it is flaccid to know what size you need. Also, remember to wear the stretchy cap on the glans to protect it from irritation.

It comes with an instructional DVDIt can be confusing to a first-timer because it has so many features
It has no side effectsYou need to buy condoms to wear with the extender
It is safe, comfortable and light in weight 
Made with high quality material 

How to use Phallosan Forte

To start using it, place the protector cap on the head of your penis and then roll down the condom sleeve as you put your penis into the glass suction bell. Lay out the orthopedic belt and adjust it to suit the total length of your penis.

You need to match the pump and the bell using the provided arrows for direction. You should then pull the drawbar located on top of the bell over the pump and then secure it. 

Activate suction by turning the green valve to pump and then to lock. Lastly, push the rubber ring gently until it gets to the base of the penis and attach the elastic belt to the device.

Where to buy it

You should only buy the Phallosan Forte device on the official website. It comes in different packages such as Phallosan Forte at $379, Phallosan Forte & Phallosan Plus at $499. Finally, there is the Phallosan Plus+ at $120.

7. PeniMaster Pro Penile Traction Device

If you have been strapping your penis into the PeniMaster Pro for a few months, you should expect to see some good results. However, for the best results, use it for at least 6 months. Here are the features that make it good for use on all penis sizes.

PeniMaster Pro Features

Like many penile extenders, even this one uses tension strength to extend the penis. It comes in two versions. The first one is the suction bell system with adjustment rods on the side. The extender comes with a glans chamber that takes the ball pump.

The ball pump creates vacuum suction where you insert your penis head. This is more comfortable than what you get with the extenders that use straps to hold the head. It does not interrupt blood circulation to the glans.

The PeniMaster Pro also comes in another version – the belt system. This one has a penis head where you insert the glanis and a belt that goes around your hips and under your balls. It pulls the penis to one side, and you can adjust tension by adjusting the belt tightness.

If you get the complete package, it will have both systems so you can alternate them if you like.

About the packages, there are four of them. The Basic Package is really a booster package since it is mainly designed for use with the belt or adjustment rods. You cannot use it on its own.

The Rod Extender Package comes with rods, glans cover, suction pump, the membranes and other accessories. Unlike the basic package, this one has everything that you need to start working on your penis length and girth.

There is also the PeniMaster Pro Belt Expander system that you wear with the belt around the hip/waist. It pulls the penis without hurting it, thus encouraging growth.

There is also the PeniMaster Pro Weight Expander package. If you want to use weights to pull your penis, this is the system to go for.

Finally, the Complete Package comes with everything from the other packages. It comes with the belt system, rod extender and the glans chamber.

Constructed with high quality materialThe packages are costly
The vacuum-seal glans holder does not slip 
It enhances sexual performance 
The glans vacuum bell does not inhibit blood flow to the penis head 

How to use it

How to use the PeniMaster Pro penis extender depends on the package that you buy. Whether you get the belt one or the rod extender one, you have full control of how you can increase the size of your penis.

You can adjust the belt and the rod extender’s tension to enhance the mitosis process. The penis tissue develops microscopic tears and the body has to make new tissue to seal the tears.

Use the devices for the recommended time of 4 to 6 hours daily and use it for at least 6 months. However, by the end of two months, you will see results already but don’t stop using it to attain more growth.

Where to buy it

Due to the popularity of this penis extender system, you can find it on different online marketplaces. However, it is best to buy it on the official website only.

The PeniMaster Pro Basic costs €149, the PeniMaster PRO – belt expander system costs €209 and the PeniMaster PRO basic system + Weight pulling system costs €249.

There is a full money back guarantee if you test the product for a month without results. The products also come with a 5-year warranty. This is risk-free buying.

What to Consider before Buying Penis Extenders

Size matters. A lot!

This is why penis extenders are so popular today and they are the most counterfeited products. When you decide that it is time to take your dingaling from average to great, choose well. After all, a job worth doing is worth doing well.

Here are the top things to consider before buying a penis extender:

Comfort when wearing it to work

Just because you are extending the length of your penis, it does not mean that life has to stop. Therefore, the wearable penile extender device that you choose should be comfortable to wear all day, if necessary.

Some might require you to wear baggy clothes. However, when you use the PeniMaster Pro belt system, you can wear it under regular clothes without any problem.


Most of the penile extenders that we have reviewed here come with DVD for instructions. However, it still needs to be easy to set up and use. You do not have the time to watch the DVD before you wear the extender every morning.


Make sure that the extender you get is made of high quality material. Since you have to keep wearing the device and taking it off almost daily, it should be able to withstand high handling. 

Most devices are made of rubber, plastic, metal and fabric materials. The materials used should be medical-grade. They should also be of high quality for durability.

Tension Options

To increase the size of your penis, you need to force the muscle to grow. The penile extender devices are designed to put the penis under tension so that the tissue can develop microscopic tears. The body then has to produce new cells for new tissue that can seal the tears.

To force the penis to grow, you need to subject it to force. However, this has to be gradual, so you might start with 500g, 1000g and so on.

Some extender devices allow you to increase tension strength by intervals of 1000g for faster penis size growth.

The more tension options you have in your penis extender of choice, the better!

Price, Money Back Guarantee and Warranty

To get a decent penis extender, you will have to spend at least $100. For instance, the Pro Extender basic package costs $119, which is the cheapest in the market.

Full money back guarantee of at least a month and a warranty of 5 years or longer is good. These things show the confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

What are the risks?

With the kind of medical technology advancement that we have today, it is possible to get a penis extender that you can use for many months without any risk. However, there is always that minimal chance, that fraction-of- a-thousand chance that something could go wrong. 

Here are a few things to be wary of:

There could be some pain

Using a traction device means forcing the penis muscle to stretch, getting minute tears, which are not painful. However, if you set too high tension, you might experience some pain since you have to wear the device for a few to several hours in a day. In the first days, you could experience an ache in your muscles.

The penis could bend

This is a small risk, but it is a risk all the same. The problem with wearing an extender is that you have to bend the penis sideways so that you can wear regular clothes and go to work. If you use a weighted system such as PeniMaster Pro, you could bend your penis if you do not strap them on in the right way.

Best Penis Extenders FAQ 

There is more to penis extenders than meets the eye. If you still need some clarification about these devices after reading the reviews, our section on frequently asked questions is going to help you out. 

Does Quick Extender Pro work?

This penis extender works well when you wear it for the recommended length of time. At least, wear it for six months and then measure your size. You can also continue wearing it after that to increase the length some more or make the results more permanent.

Does Pennis grow after 20?

Usually, the penis will stop growing after 16 years. However, if you are 18 years or older and you are not satisfied with the size, you can continue to increase the size of your dick using an extender.

How long should you wear an extender?

Some like Jes Extender and Pro Extender can produce good results in about 60 days of regular, daily wearing. However, for the best results, it is best to use these traction devices for at least 6 months.

Are penis enlargement results permanent?

Because the penile extender devices help to grow new tissue to increase the length and girth of your penis, the results can be permanent. However, just like other muscles, you have to keep working it out to maintain the gains. Thus, even after six months, wear the extender from time to time.

Does the Jes Extender really work?

Studies into how the Jes Extender works have shown an average of 20 percent increase in penis size. So yes, it works but you have to wear it consistently for the recommended time. Since they encourage natural growth of muscle, they take time but the results are more permanent.

How long should you wear Jes Extender?

You can wear it for 4 to 12 hours a day. However, it is best to do an average of 6 hours a day so you do not overstretch your penis muscles. You can wear it for 6 days a week and for an average of 6 months.

Do traction devices increase girth?

When the body grows new tissue in the process called mitosis, there will be some increase in girth (width). However, extenders are mostly for increasing the length of the penis rather than the thickness.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

As an ambitious man, you will fight to further your career and grow your bank account balance. However, are you fighting to grow the most important area of your life – between the sheets?

Luckily, if you choose the best penis extender, and you can exercise a little patience for at least six months, you can grow your penis size by inches!

It is not too late to get the best penis traction device. If you are on a budget, you might want to try the Quick Extender Pro.

If you can spare some more money, get the Denmark-made Jes Extender or the German-made PeniMaster Pro.

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