Phallosan Forte reviews, results, pros and cons:

Are you in search of the best penis extender that delivers?

In the past several years, the use of mechanical penile extenders has increased considering the alternate options weren’t as effective.

So far, there are supplements, therapeutic drugs, natural medicine, physiotherapy exercises, and as a last result surgery to enlarge penis size.

The hunt for a solution has led to the development of innovative penis stretchers. While the principle of penis stretching is fairly old, it is implemented in a new and more effective way.

phallosan forte review

This then helps many men gain their desired penis size without using drugs or getting surgery.

In today’s Phallosan Forte plus review, we’ll take a detailed look at this product to ensure it is the right thing for you. This will also help you decide on whether to make a purchase.

Today’s market for penis extenders is rather huge but one thing you should understand before buying this product is that not all extension devices will work for everyone.

So without much ado let’s dive right into the Phallosan forte review.

Phallosan Forte Review

The Swiss Sana company produces and sells patented, clinically studied, and the only medically accepted penis extenders.

Phallosan forte penis enlargement device is designed in Germany. This product has been on the marketing since 2001 helping males become sexually satisfied.

The manufacturer has dozens of clinical studies, patents. The company has collaborated with world-renowned urologists to reach its goal of providing men with an all-natural solution for improving their sexual performance.

Although the mechanical penile extension is what this product is meant for, the other advantage it’ll offer you is a secure solution for ED (erectile dysfunction).

Phallosan Forte penis growth device helps you grow penis size both girth-wise and lengthwise.

With this device, you can address multiple issues such as Peyronie’s disease, Incurvate Penis, ED, retraction penis, among other issues.

In a way, you could consider this device as a multi-functional kit for your penis as the principle used is almost similar to how building muscles work.

About the Company behind Phalloson Forte

Phallosan forte is a product by Swiss Sana Anstalt. The company, however, trades under the Orbisan LTD name, and this is the name you’ll see on your billing statements.

The company is based in Western Europe, in Liechtenstein which is located between Austria and Switzerland. Since the manufacturer is located within the EU, they must conform to safety and health safety requirements which include satisfying the CE criteria. (And the company does).

Swiss Sana Company has been in operation since 2001. in this time, they’ve gained healthy sales that total to over $10 million. Making that a lot of Phallosan forte penile devices already sold.

The manufacturer’s expertise in this industry has led to Phallosan forte becoming an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM. This means other manufacturers selling similar devices turn to Swiss Sana to make the device for them.

Phallosan forte device is their design and it’s made in-house following the CE certification requirements.


Discreet packaging


Comes with an app for android and Ios

Effective and safe if used as suggested

Its offers the most comfortable product of its kind

It’s safe to wear it during the night

You can wear it inconspicuously during the day


Rather pricey compared to other comparable brands

It requires regular cleaning to prevent infections

Its initial setup is pretty complicated compared to other devices

Does Phallosan Forte really work?

The working principle behind Phallosan Forte penile enhancement system is similar to how muscle building works in weight training.

The muscle mass increases with time as parts of the body grow so the body experiences tiny, painless rip-and-repairs. Then your body’s natural process of cell regeneration ensures that forces like penile traction result in increased length and girth.

The device is calibrated so it applies traction of about 3kg to your penis. For you to get more immediate gains, you should wear the device for 6 – 8 hours a day.

Some of our testers, along with a huge number of Phallosan users, have reported getting gains ranging from about an inch to an inch plus after some months of constant use.

So does Phallosan forte really work? Well, the Phallosan Forte device includes a penile-measuring key you can use to take notes and track your progress.

Additionally, Phallosan’s app can help you stick to your routine thus maximizing your gains.

What Are The Main Features of Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte product is the best in class as concerns using a penis extension device without discomfort or pain.

The product uses a well-known approach however in an innovative and slightly improvised way. The small tweak is what makes all the difference when it comes to the result.

It’s worth noting that this penis extension device offers you many unparalleled features when compared to other brands in the market.

Some unique features you’ll find in the Phallosan Forte device include:

  1. One device can be used for all penis sizes.
  2. It’s a medical-grade solution used for penis size extension.
  3. Some physicians recommend Phallosan Forte.
  4. It’s made from biocompatible medical-grade materials such as anti-allergic silicone.
  5. The design guarantees there’s no loop formation or strangulation
  6. It has a soft protector cap so Phallosan Forte can be worn for extended periods of time.
  7. The entire process from ordering to shipping is 100% discreet and confidential
  8. With good ergonomics for its form factor, the product does not feel bulky under the pants.

How Long Before You See Phallosan Forte Results

If you’re reading this, then you probably want to get the most effective gains from using Phallosan Forte.

By now, you might have read many Phallosan Forte reviews to learn more about the best schedules to follow for the best results.

Below is a step-by-step guide you can follow to gain more benefits.

Week 1                                 

For the first days when using this extender, it’s recommended that you keep it on for about 2 hours each day. Note that you shouldn’t strain yourself.

As the week progresses, you can start wearing the extender for 4 hours – 6 hours a day. But, only do this if wearing it feels comfortable. Be sure to take a break if you are uncomfortable.

Week 2

From this point on you can wear this device for extra hours. try to keep the device for 8 hours for extra tension.

Start to build on this by increasing the hours you have the device on each day. When you get too uncomfortable, you can reduce the time you wear the device. All in all, the Phallosan Forte device is made for comfort.

Week 3 to 5

Now you should be able to keep the Phallosan forte device for at least 8 – 11 hours and still be comfortable. Be sure to keep the tension, but do so only if you feel comfortable doing so.

Top Tips For Best Results Using The Phallosan Forte

By wearing this penile extension device for 8 hours per day consistently, you’ll see amazing Phallosan forte results.

Be sure to have Phallosan Forte before and aftermeasurement of your penis to track the increased growth.

What Phallosan Forte Before And After Results And Gains Can You Expect?

This penile extension product is among the best penile stretcher that delivers you the promised results using a quality suction bell.

The strategy used is straightforward and is effective, hence even more users can experience changes in penis length and girth.

By using Phallosan Forte, you’re likely to notice a change in your penis length and this occurs from the root to tip. The change also is noticeable in girth size or the penis circumference.

Usually, after using this product for 3 months, the flaccid will increase by about 1.4 inches. When erect the size increase will be about 1.6 inches plus a girth size increase of around 0.55 inches.

With continued use of 6 months, you’ll see a size increase of 1.9 inches. these stats are scientifically studied and proven by Dr. Sohn and Dr. Clemens Tilke of Urological Clinic in the Markus Hospital, Frankfurt.

Along with size increase, you’ll notice the improvement in erection since continued stretching of the penis dilates and helps rejuvenate blood vessels thus carrying more blood.

With the newly formed cells triggered through artificial physical stimuli, they’ll the penis proper posture, therefore, fixing any curvature problems.

Where Can You Buy Your Phallosan Forte?

When it comes to where to buy Phallosan forte, you can get the only medically approved penis from the manufacturer’s official website.

Still, there are few authorized distributors for this product, but you can also get the product through Amazon.

Now you know where to buy Phallosan Forte, the next thing to look at is the pricing.The Phallosan Forte penis extension kit costs $379. This comes with all the equipment you’ll need to establish your penis size -enlargement routine

What’s more, this product has free shipping with delivery done in 2 days. Also, you get completely discreet packaging.

Phallosan Forte Refund Policy

Phallosan forte offers a 14-day money-back policy upon buying the product. To get a refund you don’t have to give a reason for returns.

Also, the company provides full support after the return period in case an issue arises.

Phallosan Forte Before And After Results

The official Phallosan forte website says that the results you’ll get from using the product are permanent. Also, you can even increase them after 6 months.

But, remember that the results will vary from one person to the next. Yet, the study is a good starting point so you know the results to expect from using this penis extender.

As such, it’ll take some time to master wearing it but once you know what to do, you’ll have an easier time.

While this product works – note that one man’s Phallosan forte before and after results do not speak for all users.

By looking at more detailed Phallosan forte results, you will know what you can expect from using this product. So, here are the results from the German urological clinic studies.

  • The average increase in length of all patient tests at an erect/non erected: 1.14 inches (2.9cm )/ 1.41 inches (3.6 cm )

(the results are after the device is worn 5 days/week for 6 hours)

  • The highest increase in penile length after 6 months at erect/non erect: 1.9 inches ( 4.9 cm) / 1.47 inches (4.0 cm)

(results after the device is worn 6 days/week for 9 hours)

Quick Tip: If you aren’t using the device, be sure to sprinkle talcum powder on the condom sleeves. This ensures it lasts longer while making it easier to wear in your next use.

Are The Phallosan Forte Results Permanent?

When used correctly, Phallosan Forte will deliver you stable and long-lasting results. The key things to focus on are the duration and frequency of wearing the Phallosan Forte.

When you manage to use the device overnight for 3 months, you’re likely to gain good results.

Also, realize that once the cellular confirmation is formed it won’t change as fast unless you use a new physical stimulus. That means the size you gain is permanent and won’t return to what it was.

When you stop wearing the Phallosan Forte device after 6 months, you can maintain the gained size with normal physical activities.

But, note that you might have a variation in results since our bodies are diverse and tend to differ from person to person.

For instance, ED resulting from hormonal imbalance may not cure it when using Phallosan Forte. However, you could be managed it provided you use this product.

The Takeaway

Phallosan Forte makes a great penis stretching device that delivers real results. While its price may seem a bit steep, it won’t disappoint.

While it might seem a little complex to put together and wear at first, with continued use you’ll find it easier to put on.

So, if you’re seeking a German-quality penile stretcher that delivers real results – Phallosan Forte may be your best choice.

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